Tuesday, December 1, 2009

WOW! What a leap of faith I took today. I went from a secure job to applying for one that could be taken away at anytime...I am crazy! I have felt the Lord leading me to do this and I have put it off for three weeks and finally I did it today. Had my first interview before I put in my application and they called administration, before I put in my application and now it is in the Lords hands.
With my current job I do not get paid enough to survive if anything happened to my husband. With the new job I could live financially with out him. I kept telling myself the Lord knows what is ahead and I don't. I am now leaving it in his hands.
It is true that with the Lord his yoke is easy. If it is meant to be things will move smoothly and the stress will be gone. It is only when we start thinking, of all of the things that will go wrong, that the stress builds up and consumes us. Just set back and allow the Lord to place you where you need to be.
Have a blessed day in the Lord.

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