Sunday, November 1, 2015

In response to Nicole Price's artical!

“The pen is mightier than the sword” but if it is the pen of Nicole Price it is also laced with arsenic! She misuses and abuses her position to intimidate and humiliate any one that questions her ability to do her job.
I would like the opportunity to address a few of the statements made in Nicole Price’s latest article which is about me. First off if she knew grief was a heavy burden she would not have used my granddaughter Leah Dye as an advertisement in her re-election campaign without permission from Leah’s parents. A person who understands grief would not try to capitalize on the grief of victims and their families.
When Price says she felt 10 years was not enough then why did she want to offer a plea deal because she felt she couldn’t win a jury trial?  Yes the victim-witness director conveyed this information to my son. I know my son said no! He was also against the Alford Plea. Before charges were filed, Price explained nothing to me again the only phone conversation she and I had still haunts me!
If Price understood grief the conversation she and I had 3 months after Leah’s death would have been different. The fact is an elected official, The Commonwealth Attorney of Washington County Virginia Nicole Price, told me that “it was none of my business how she handled the investigation” The investigation of the violent murder of my two year old granddaughter was none of my business!!!! REALLY!!!! In her words to me was “she had no plans to file charges and may never file charges” This from a woman that knows grief is a heavy burden… After the phone conversation I felt like I had just been attacked and I felt like I had done something wrong.
After the sentencing hearing I did not speak to Nicole Price personally. She left in a different direction than I did. The Victim-Witness Director spoke with my son after the sentencing. I have had no negative encounters with the victims-witness director. I did not talk with Nicole Price several times, I had one phone conversation with her and then the day of sentencing when I was on the stand she ask me to please tell the court how my life had changed as a result of the death of my granddaughter.
I am not upset by the judge’s sentence of Mr. Marlow to 30 years. He stated he was imposing that sentence after reading the autopsy report which Price had nothing to do with. The States Medical examiner worked tirelessly to make sure there would be sufficient and concrete evidence to convict and it was in her report. In my heart I do not feel there was any new evidence that Price was waiting on. The reason I say that is in our only phone conversation she said “she would not file charges until she knew exactly how Mr. Marlow killed my granddaughter and the only way she would get that is if he told her” Since he entered an Alford Plea I don’t feel he told anyone how he snapped my granddaughters spine into, tearing her aorta leaving her to bleed to death. Four hours before he killed her he withheld air from her until there was brain damage. He was the only adult with her but yet there wasn’t sufficient evidence. The judge sentenced him according to the results of the autopsy! The autopsy results secured justice for Leah not Price. She went through the legal formality required at a sentencing hearing but it was my granddaughters beaten body that told the truth. Price did not call me to testify and she did not contact me “many times” I only had the one conversation with her via phone.
Speaking of my granddaughter’s brutal death devastates me but I feel it has to be said to let the people of Washington County Virginia know they need to make a change and not be deceived my the misleading of an elected official that holds such a vital position. I am voting for Josh Cumbow because I want a Commonwealth Attorney that I can feel safe talking to and know that if I have a problem they will be willing to talk with me. I want a Commonwealth Attorney that I don’t fear but can trust. I want a Commonwealth Attorney that will not try to publicly humiliate a person that disagrees with them or seek some type of revenge on a person for evoking their freedom of speech. Now is the time to make that change!!!! Vote Josh Cumbow.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

"Eyes are the windows to our soul" so it is said.
Why is it people only see that which they think to be real? Are these eyes angry, sad, happy, or hurt? It would be wrong for us to try and determine what is really being said here without seeing the whole picture.
As children of God we often do that very same thing...look at someone and determine their value and worth not looking at the complete picture. In Genies 1:27 God said he created man in his own image. Did you ever stop and think how powerful those words are? We are created in God's own image...How amazing is that? I tremble at the thought of how special God sees me and yet how little I value myself as his creation.
I have been down on myself because I feel like I have been slacking and not doing enough for the Lord. Ya see I am still placing human thinking in the mind of Christ. I cant begin to comprehend how he perceives me and how he values me as his child. I understand so little when it comes how much God loves me and could send his Son to die for me.
In Jeremiah 29:11 God tells me He know the thoughts that he thinks toward me...thoughts of peace and not evil so I will have an expected end.
He also tells me when I call upon him go and pray to him and he will hear me. How awesome is that? God will take time to listen to a sinner like me that isn't worthy of his love. To God I am worthy and so are you. God is waiting to to shower us with blessings but it is our human way of thinking that hinders our Lord from truly blessing us. In verse 13 he tells me that if I seek him and search for him with all my heart I will find him...this saith the Lord!
I read these verses to my Father over and over as he laid dying in the Hospice house. I felt like my Father was being punished because of his life lived in sin. He gave his heart to the Lord shortly before he went to the Hospice house and I know the Lord was with him but I doubted God reasoning for my Fathers suffering. God showed me these verses so I could read them to my Father, as well as my comfort.
God doesn't want us to give in to our enemies but to be victorious in all walks of life. If we will just seek him with all of our heart every day he will bring us peace even in the midst of a storm.
He gave me peace and comfort as I watched my Father wither away and die. He said to me :I know your Fathers expected end and it is much greater than his life...He will live forever!
I ask you that if you are doubting yourself and God's love for you seek Him...

Thursday, January 7, 2010

I will rise when He calls my name!!!! WOW! How powerful. Just knowing that when our Lord calls upon us we will rise and answer the call. When I first hear Chris Tomlin's song "I will Rise" I was in the parking lot at the park. I had just spent three days with my Dad at the hospital, being told by Doctors he was not going to live. My Mother had just passed away three and a half months before.
My first thought was my Dad will rise when God calls his name and there was nothing anyone could do to change that. Why would I want to prevent him from going to heaven? He had suffered a long time and his heart broke when he lost Mom.
After alot of crying and praying, still being selfish, I realised that this didn't just mean the only time God would call us would be to come to heaven. He calls upon us to do many things and we take this very lightly at times. He was calling me to stand in faith and continue on through the most difficult times I have ever gone through. He was calling me to rise and lean on him trusting in him and allowing him to guide me even though I did not want to go on. I still had a life to live for the Lord and he was calling on me to step up and allow him to be seen on my life.
I see the signs of age creeping up on this mortal body and it scares me how little time I have left to minister unto my family. My hands show signs of wrinkling as well as thinner appearance to my skin. I remember the first time I noticed my Mothers hands looking this was...I didn't want to believe she was getting older and her days running shorter.
Her life was filled with struggle and heart break but she stood firm on the word of God and trusted in his promises and each time she was called she rose to meat the challenge. That is what she taught me...With Christ all things are possible.
What is Christ calling you to do? Will you rise to the call while here on earth?
Seek his presence now while the day is still called today for tomorrow may never come.
Be not afraid of sudden fear, neither of the desolation of the wicked, when it cometh. For the Lord shall be thy confidence, and shall keep thy foot from being taken. ( Proverbs 3:25,26)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Just a prayer for today...

Dear Heavenly Father, I thank you for this day and the beauty that surrounds me. You have helped me in so many ways and yet I still fill unworthy. I am grateful you love me in the capacity that you do and that you will always be there lifting me up when I am in need of help. I have a specific request today for one of my children. You know the need in his life and how he is struggling to handle this great grief in his life. Loosing one grand parent is hard but loosing two with in three months is extremely hard. I pray you help him through his grief and allow him a healthy way to heal. Guide him in the choices he needs to make in life and strengthen me with the ability I need to speak wisdom to heal his broken heart. Thank you for your love and grace upon my life. In Jesus name I pray Amen.

Monday, November 2, 2009

I must say the past month has flown by and I haven't accomplished much of anything. Several months ago I read a quote in a book by Angela Thomas. It said that if the Devil cant make you bad then he will make you busy. How true that is. I have neglected many things to do what I "thought" was important.
I wont go into all of the details but I have taken in a young mother and her two children. Their ages are 3 years and the the girl is 4 weeks. This has added much stress to my home that consisted of my husband, three of my boys and one daughter in law plus myself. I have been working three jobs as well as cooking and making sure the house operates as normal as possible. The Devil sure did make me busy!
So I set here and whonder what is next...I must sow down ! For it is when we get still that we can hear the small still voice of the Lord that directs us and guides us. I have failed to be still and listen.
What has been placed in you ;ife that has kept you too busy to hear the still snall voice of the Lord? When you wake up it will be a new day...A new day for a new start. Today is the day to say Lord forgive me for becoming to busy please allow me to see what needs to be oliminated from my daily life so that I can hear you voice clearer.
A New Day! A New Way of Living For The Lord.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Woo Hoo! Being productive in the midst of affliction.

Woo Hoo!!!! The Lord is so good!
We started revival last night, I must say I have fallen in a rut and had the mind set I didn't need revival. WHOOOO...Don't ever think you don't need revival cause sister that is the moment you need it. The Lord set a fire under my back side and put me right on my knees where I needed to be.
I have been numb to say the least most of this year with all of my loses. I had lost my direction and drive to serve the Lord. I still depended on him every day to help me through but I wasn't serving him. I was an existing... no action for the Lord in my life.
While on my knees I ask the Lord to be merciful to me and forgive me for sinning by omission... I omitted my service as a child of God's and just existed! Blah!!!! Not what the children of the King is to do we are to be his hands and feet... I was neither. So I ask the Lord to just show me how to take the first step again and in what direction did he want my life to go in; How did he want me to use my talent s to serve him.
At this point of my life this year I had lost sight of what talents I had been blessed with and how god intended me to be a vital part of his body.
Woo Hoo! This morning he has allowed me to see not one, not two, but three steps I need to take for him right now and I have embraced them with great excitement. How great is our God that he is mindful of our needs and when we ask he blesses us.
Genesis 41:52 Joseph named his second son Ephraim. What does that have to do with me and you? Read on my friend...The meaning...For God has caused me to be fruitful in the land of my afflictions. WOW.
Where I am right at this point in my life, in all the pain and heart ache I bear, God will cause me to be fruitful. Not just multiply but to be productive for his kingdom. Yes my Sisters in Christ right where you are in the mist of you afflictions God can cause you to become fruitful (productive) for his glory. How awesome is that?
Fall on you knees and ask for direction to take that first step and see what he allows you to achieve.
Dear Heavenly Father bless my Sisters who read this and show them the next step that they must take for you. Give them the peace in knowing that you will cause them to be productive for you, in this world of confusion, to bring honor and glory to your Kingdom.
Thank you for being merciful to us. In Jesus Name I Pray, Amen

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

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