Monday, November 2, 2009

I must say the past month has flown by and I haven't accomplished much of anything. Several months ago I read a quote in a book by Angela Thomas. It said that if the Devil cant make you bad then he will make you busy. How true that is. I have neglected many things to do what I "thought" was important.
I wont go into all of the details but I have taken in a young mother and her two children. Their ages are 3 years and the the girl is 4 weeks. This has added much stress to my home that consisted of my husband, three of my boys and one daughter in law plus myself. I have been working three jobs as well as cooking and making sure the house operates as normal as possible. The Devil sure did make me busy!
So I set here and whonder what is next...I must sow down ! For it is when we get still that we can hear the small still voice of the Lord that directs us and guides us. I have failed to be still and listen.
What has been placed in you ;ife that has kept you too busy to hear the still snall voice of the Lord? When you wake up it will be a new day...A new day for a new start. Today is the day to say Lord forgive me for becoming to busy please allow me to see what needs to be oliminated from my daily life so that I can hear you voice clearer.
A New Day! A New Way of Living For The Lord.

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